Internet Safety

Here we are learning about staying safe when we are on line. Remember to make sure your adults know what you are doing on line and follow the age guidance on games. If something makes you uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult so they can help.B64D0BEE-7838-45A9-8306-DFEAB6F407C2

Skipping Festival

Year 2 class have had a wonderful time at the skipping festival today. Congratulations to all the children, who have shown resilience and perseverance to master the different types of skipping skills. We came away with some silver and bronze winners in the individual events.  We are so proud of everyone! Keep skipping!

Programming the Ozobot

We have been having fun again programming the Ozobot robots. We use colour codes to instruct the robot how to move in different directions or at different speeds. After directing Ozobot to school, we used the robot to help us tell a story.

Exploring Flotsam

We have just started looking at this very interesting picture book. The story is told only in very detailed pictures, it is really making us look closely to interpret what could have happened.  We had fun looking at our own flotsam, items from a ship washed up on the shore, analysing each item to determine what it was used for then predicting who the items belong to. Finally we had to predict what had happened to the person for their belongings to be washed up. We had a mixture of happy and grim endings!